Transmission meets Selected Works: Experimental Music Festival

Transmission meets Selected Works

Muziktology New Media Global Non-Profit Cultural Hub presents:
Transmission meets Selected Works: Experimental Music Festival

22 – 29 July 2019 // Roman // Neamt // Romania

Event supported by the Mayoralty of the Roman Municipality.
More details TBA.

Official Press Release:

Transmission meets Selected Works: Experimental Music Festival

A philosophical note

Our creed…

Transmission started as a 6-hour DJ Set on the 15 July 2014 dedicated to Ian Curtis one of the artists that from our point of view changed history and made history. It was a DJ Set who was covering the 80’s & goth scene music genres like post punk // synthpop // shoegaze // new wave // lo fi // synthwave // dream pop // post rock // cold wave // EBM and others. It was a one of a kind events in the Bucharest Scene and it was a free for all event. The name takes inspiration from the song with the same name from Joy Division.

Selected Works was a concept which basically wanted to do the same thing as Transmission but it was oriented towards electronic music as IDM, dark ambient, techno and other non-commercial genres. It was inspired by Selected Ambient Works 85 -92 released in 1992 by Aphex Twin. It was one of the 4 albums who made our founder Silviu “Phil Grey “ Dănăilă changed the way he saw music. The other 3 were Subheim with Approach released in 2008 at Tympanik Audio, Blackfilm self titled album released in 2010 at Denovali Records and Music Has The Right To Children released by Boards of Canada in 1998.

All the above mentioned albums came at a time when our founder was really caught in the metal scene due to his work as a Metal Radio Dj and basically changed the way he saw music. Even though we has opened to classical and jazz main genres and subgenres due to being raised until 7 years old only with classical and jazz from his won father’s vinyl collection he still saw other genres as electronic being inferior.

After the impact with the above-mentioned albums from Subheim, Blackfilm, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin he realized how narrow was his vision upon art and he fully embraced diversity. Right now, his total music listening experience is over 17 000 artists, 10 752 logged by scrobbling into this personal library. Then at only 20 years of age he decided to take it upon himself to try to open the minds of the people around him and free them from the preconceptions and from the “De Gustibus et Coloribus Non est Disputatum” syndrome.

He experienced a lot of music by being voluntary to lots of festivals also getting involved in the production team of other festivals and expanded his DJ Sets to incorporate different aspects of music.

He started the Control Alternative Delivery Radio Show on Radio Lynx .ro where he tried to explore all the other music genres which were obviously on the black list of the commercial FM radios of Romania.

As a radio personality he tried to learn from the best and his role models were Howard Stern and Pete Tong. He was fascinated by their lives and the way the managed to work their way out into the mainstream with underground music. After he watched for more than 20 times or more Private Parts released in 1997 and It’s All Gone Pete Tong he decided to follow into their footsteps. Silviu never imitated their style he had his own way of doing radio but he was really fed up of the mainstream way of doing things over the radio in Romania and tried to do something different. At that time, he failed due to the lack of understanding of what he was trying to do from the management of Radio Lynx, btw he never got paid for those 2 shows. Heavy Hour, Fiare Vechi Metale Grele and Control Alternative Delivery, We end your mainstream tasks were voluntary work.

From a young age since he was 5 years and 9 months old Silviu wanted to change the world. On his 25th birthday, on 13th December 2014 he had a stroke a genius and he started writing the core concepts and ideas behind Muziktology. It took him more than 2 years to find a proper way to explore this idea. We were still very frustrated of how the Romanian people was poisoned by the mainstream media with something that back then he considered shitty commercial music and he felt he had to do something to stop this.

unnamed (1)

As you can clearly see in the above screen shot the actual birth of Muziktology was on 28th of March 2016 when after getting a modest but really helpful donation he managed to secure the domain on come.

The first year was a bit critical. He just moved back into his Home Town of Roman, Neamt County, Romania after more than 8 years in Bucharest / Berlin / Paris and London. He was forced to move back to take care of his over 78 years old legal father, natural maternal grandfather Ioan C. Dănăilă who after the death of his wife Maria Dănăilă was in a deep depression. Silviu sacrificed everything and moved back and tried to continue his work in Roman. He was perceived by the locals of being mad and crazy and filled by the digust and for almost a year he stayed off the radar. On the 13th of April 2018 he got a job as a graphic designer in the local Copy Center and started researching the local scene. During this time and managed to develop and evolve muziktology into a fully fledge music magazine / curation blog. He tried to contact some of his favorite artists mainstream names and he never got a reply. Then he tried to promove smaller underground artists through a series of interviews inspired by Marcel Proust’s Questionnaire and the first original interview Musicology’s Proust Questionnaire was born. During a period of a year and 2 months until the 13th of July 2018 he endured the way he was exploited by his boss and business owner of the that Copy Center when he had enough and quit that job. He decided to take control of his faith and wanted to leave the country but he realized that his 83 years old father and first mentor still needed him. By that date all the previous concepts like Transmission, Selected Works and others were incorporated into his muziktology and traffic started growing and feedback started following soon. He also started a new concept called Retro WAVED with his childhood friend Paul Fechită. He didnt assume any creative control only the communication responsability. They started a youtube chanel which has grown natural and it is still growing.

Frustrated by the costs of local so called cultural events like Kultfest and Max Blecher fest who were speding lots of money but not bringing anything back and frustrated and being fed up by the way the Mayoralty of the Roman Municipality was speding sums like 15 000 euros for non cultural entertainment acts like Smiley he decied that it was time for this to end.

So he though how can i change this? How can I make the world a better place… After a morning discussion with his grand father where he was advised that something needed to be done locally he decided to think about organizing his own festival.

And how was the best way to do that, by doing it a non profit, basically a fund raiser in which all costs besides the production costs will go to a good cause like projects dedicated to elevate the local population through Culture, Art, Education and also Community and Environment.

So he went to his oldest best friend and to his new best friend Dr. Daniel Țibucanu and asked if they want to be part of the future and so they decided to start an Non Profit NGO called Central Intelligence Initiative based on Per Juventem et Intelligentiam ad Culturam et Sapientiam principle (a life guiding principle for Silviu, Through Youth and Intelligent towards Culture and Wisdom).

So thats a short story and the philosophical creed of Transmission meets Selected Works: Experimental Music Festival which is going to be organized and dedicated In the Loving memory of his mother Maria Dănăilă.

Silviu now has nothing, no job, no money into his name, he is a free man. He has a duty to change things. He promised his grand father that he will dedicate himself trully to his three main causes: Absolute Freedom, Absolute Truth and Absolute Intellectual Evolution.

So, this is our story so far there will be a longer version of this with more details regarding the Festival, Muziktology and also Silviu’s life.

And btw he started from nothing his adoptive parents Maria and Ioan Dănăilă never offered him money. They offered the best thing a child needs, love and education for the body and soul.

The Festival aims to gather funds for 5 main projects for the Local Roman Community: Art, Culture, Education, Community and Environment. When someone buys a full access ticket or a one day ticket they will get a code that will be entered on the dedicated website which is now under construction and will chose how their money will be spent, the names at least the first names of the donors will be listed publicly on the website with the amount donated and with the proper proof of how that money was spent, like clouds services invoices and other things to show the world that you can be open and you don’t have to hide.

The festival aims to include in the lineup around 84 international and foreign artists which most of them never played in Romania before and also 12 Romanian well established bands and 12 local / national debutants bands.

So, the Festival Line Up will feature around 120 live acts. The start of the festival is exactly on the 22nd of July 2019 at 12:00 PM and the end is a week later on the 29th of July 2019 at 12:00 PM. This will be the only festival in the world where 168 hours you will have non-stop events, even 5 or 6 events at the same time.

So, there will be 10 states featuring 12 artists as listed below:

12 – Retro WAVED // synthwave // retro electro // 80’s inspired electronic music

12 – When Chopin Fell Asleep // classical music // contemporary classical // etc.

12 – Transmission // post punk // new wave // goth // etc.

12 – Selected Works // IDM // dark ambient // experimental // etc.

12 – Acid Phonique // Jazz rooted genres // etc.

12 – Heavy Hour // all metal genres and subgenres // etc.

12 – Control Alternative Delivery // all genres and subgenre not included into the the above mentioned.

12 – Switch Task Ro // Romanian Exclusive bands // artits // etc.

12 – Fresh Blood // Romanian and international debutant bands // etc.

13 – Guilty Pleasure // mainstrema acts // etc.

So it’s going to be crazy think that we want to grow the local economic, cultural, educational, etc levels.

Its all non – profit for a good cause.

Due to the short distances between the locations in the town of Roman we will encourage walking and bicycling not using a car.

Also we will facilitate and make the best efforts we can to make this the best experience ever.

We want to show the world that the supreme and absolute form of art Music, can be enjoyed witouth having a financial reasoning behind, we are against commercial consumerism so we want to make Music available almost for free for everyone.

We will be offering free passes for 500 young locals and 4500 for people above 30.

Except the main events which are going to be ticket acces only there will be over 120 hours with 5 or 6 events at the same time free for all acces events.

More details will be communicated in the Official Press Conference which is going to take place on the Saturday the 13th of October 2018 at 12:00 PM in the center of town, in front of the town’s founder statue Roman Mușat the 1st, at which i have the pleasure, honour and priviledge to invite you all.

I will answer all the questions that will be asked, will not offer any exclusivity and will make sure that everything is made available at any time for total transparency.

I hope you will help me and this world step into the future,

With much love and respect,

Yours Trully,

Silviu “Phil Grey” Dănăilă.

I will attach all the links regarding all the stuff mentioned above.