Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire #3 Crowd Control

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Intimidatah: A room with 2 desks. On one there’s woman making collages and on another one a man writing lyrics.

Razvanescu: People I care about around me and a nice room with synths. By the sea.

Coshmelin: My happiness begins when I build good relationships with the people around me. But also when I discover new music and manage to compose and play along my band, Crowd Control.

My real, not ideal happiness is whenever something good around music happens, whether it is touring, love, everything mixing these feelings: passion about life and music.

Hidden Gems in Plain Sight #2 // Doomed User by Deftones // Gore Album Coming Out 8th of April 2016

I always loved Deftones for the weird, peculiar and specific way they are making music. They are one of the most unique sounding band out there. They should be bigger than Metallica or even than The Beatles or Jesus Christ.

Their music is awesome due to the fact that you can’t find any other band that has the same sound so please enjoy their newest song Doomed User that will be released on Gore coming out on the 8th of April 2016.