A song a day // Turquoise Hexagon Sun

I know that a lot of you don’t have the time or the mood to listen to a whole album so I will start posting a song a day for all of you who like to enjoy things in small dosages.

Without further ado please enjoy Turquoise Hexagon Sun by the Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada.

This song was the stepping stone I needed so I can accept and embrace electronic music. I was a 19 year old fool boy living in the Dark Ages of the full spectrum of the Metal genre. I was open to jazz and classical music but this song made me realize that electronic music is something amazing that I need to experience.

Boards of Canada become one of my favorite electronic artists along side Aphex Twin, Subheim and Blackfilm, all four being my Gateway Drugs to Electronic Music.

This song was featured on the 1996 Boc Maxima album released on their self-run Music70 label.

boards of canada boc maxima




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